Iustitia Ubud Law Office provides professional and quality legal solutions to various legal problems faced by clients.

Lex Semper Dabit Remedium

The law always gives remedy.

Ubi Societas Ibi

Wherever there is society, there is law.

Fiat Justicia Ruat Caelum

Let justice be done, though the heavens fall.

About Us

Welcome to Iustitia Ubud Law Office

Iustitia Ubud Law Office was established by experienced legal practitioners in providing professional legal services both in litigation and non-litigation fields for Indonesian citizens and the foreigner, and can provide the best quality, effective and practical solutions to deal with various legal issues faced by the clients.

In resolving any legal issues Iustitia Ubud Law Office is always committed to providing legal protection to clients and maintaining client confidentiality and trust.

I Wayan Arnaya, S.H.

Managing Partner Iustitia Ubud Law Office

Areas of Practice

Our Areas of Practice


The settlement of a legal case through the judicial process at every level of the judiciary throughout Indonesia which includes: Criminal Law : in the form of legal assistance at the Police/Prosecutor/Judicial level in the capacity of Reporting, Witness and Suspect in cases of theft, fraud, embezzlement, defamation, narcotics, persecution, domestic violence, murder, etc. Civil Law : Civil law services which include cases of land disputes, default, inheritance, divorce and divorce settlement, application of name changes, determination of heirs, as well as handling in various civil cases in the realm of religious courts.


Our Non-Litigation Services providing Legal Opinion as an effort to resolve a legal problem beyond the judicial process or often referred as an alternative dispute resolution (Negotiation, Mediation, or Arbitration).


In Legal Consultation we provide legal perspectives on various legal issues faced by the clients.


Includes establishment and management of company permits. Corporate Law such as making legal drafting and legal auditing of an agreement. Labor Law. Immigration. Taxation. Property Agent.


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Legal Consultation

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